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About TBC

The Banjara Club is a Family club. A club with an unique concept of creating memorable opportunities of engagement and entertainment for children and their parents. The Banjara Club is more for the kids. It is also for the Moms and Dads. It is also for the Grandpas and Grand Moms. It is for the uncles and aunties. Its for the bros and sis's. Its is for the cousins and nieces. We have something for everyone in a family. 


Our Club House activities, located at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra includes a very exciting Virtual Reality Game Station, specially for the kids. The Club also has a rich kids library and inhouse games including the very exciting video games. The club has regular kids club meetings, pajama parties and a lot more engaging activities as a part of its regular activities. Hobby classes for kids that are being organized from time to time include basic drawing and painting courses, basic calligraphy courses and basic clay modelling courses. We also organize for one day workshops like stamp collection workshops (Philatelly), coin collection workshops (Numismatics), photography workshops, doodling workshops, terrarium gardening workshops, umbrella painting workshops, shoes painting workshops, little magician workshops and a lot more.   


We have a lot to offer for all parents too. Try our Yoga classes, accupressure learning classes, accupressure therapies, diet advisory sessions, stress management classes, parenting sessions, food styling classes, kitchen gardening workshops and so much more. All of us have only one life to live… and unfortunately it is too short. The childhood remains like a dream, that never comes back. Years of academics, then career, then professional life, then family, children, parents, social responsibilities... the same rat race. The same mundane life. We all are going through it now. By the time we start finding some time for ourselves, we realize that age is already catching up. The world is too vast a book to read. Shakespeare said "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your own philosophy". But its still not too late. Join us in this journey to cherish life to its fullest. Explore the unknown. Visit the unseen. Taste the unheard. Feel and see the world you never imagined. 


Join the club.


We are crazy. We are nomads. We are the Banjaras.






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